Alma 48:17

"Verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men." - Alma 48:17

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

God Bless the Stars & Stripes

Well, hope y’all had a wonderful Memorial Day yesterday.  I know I did.

We went down to the cemetery yesterday and they had a program and flag ceremony and all the jazz.  Then low and behold out of the sky we got a fly by! It was sweet. They had a bunch of old school military vehicles there.  They had a jeep that looked like it was from the TV show *MASH*.  It was on point!

Yesterday, proselyting I had my American flag shoes on too and people liked those. There were so many drunk people last night, it was hilarious cause when you go to contact someone they would do one of two things, either tell you they were wasted or they would be all over you and you had to run and get outta there pronto! We saw a drunk guy crash his bike and straight scorpion into a palm tree.  Probably one of the funniest nights out contacting.

Went on a couple of exchanges this week too.  Those are always a good time. But we had a miracle this week.  We had our investigator come to church, and he liked it!! Wahoo! Miracles do happen here sometimes.  Just gotta keep workin’ hard, success isn’t something you have to see to feel.

Love y’all, hope you have a good week!

Elder Crump

Just hittin' up Hood Ave.


Dinner at a taco truck in Santa Ana.

Red, White and Blue Chevy.

With the *MASH* jeep.

On exchanges with Elder Jones.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Welp, another week down here in sunny and 75 degree town! Don’t be too jealous, I wish there was snow...

Anywho, this week was full of up and downs. We got to help with a service project and it was right up my alley. We set up 1776 flags at a park in Newport Beach. Yes 1776, the perfect number. It was probably the best service of my mission so far.

After that we just went out and talked to people the rest of the week. We had tons of people to talk to us but they all ended up tellin’ us later that they didn’t want to talk...sad!

But this week I think patience is what I learned, even when you work hard and you think you have a break through, but then it all just falls apart, be patient and wait, because the Lord has got somethin’ in mind for you. But hopefully this next week is better and I don’t have to learn patience again, haha!

But hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Crump

Service at Newport Beach.

Another Newport Beach sunset.

Monday, May 16, 2016



Pretty slow week here.  Trynna find some new people to teach. We went on campus and contacted 306 people.  We found a family and this other guy we are going to go back and teach this week, so that's good.

We did a lot of service this week too. We helped unload mail trucks that picked up food for their food drive.  It was outside and I got toasty. I think I’m going to have skin cancer on my nose later in life.

This morning the zone went on a little hike to a little hill that overlooked the temple.  Then we had a testimony meeting up there that was sweet.

But that’s about it for this week for me. Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Crump

Zach's quote of the week:
"Missionary work only stinks if you're not doing enough of it!" 

The temple at sunset.

Cooking for their District breakfast.

Today's hike overlooking the temple.

Zach and "Freedom".

Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Afternoon y'all!

This week was a pretty fun one.  We had a lot going on with transfers and all that jazz. But a couple cool things this week…

My and my comp were walking around and we went by the Lamborghini dealership and what do ya know? They are having a car show! So we saw some pretty sweet cars including a Bugatti, it was pretty sweet. Only 1 person wanted to talk to me there, but he thought I was a salesman....I got my hopes up, haha.

But this week we had a party for President Orgill because he is going home next month.  It was a Hawaiian party and they roasted a pig!! It was super good. But President is an awesome guy, he just makes me want to be obedient and do the right thing, he loves everybody no matter what and he looks for the good in everybody. I’m going to miss him tons.

Last night we went to Balboa and usually when we go there nobody wants to talk to us so I thought, hey I’ll bring my hammock down there and set it up and maybe it’ll be a good conversation starter! Psych. All it was good for was a picture...trying to find people to talk to down here is down right hard. But hey, just put a smile on and try again I guess!

Love y’all have a good week!

Elder Crump

The Hawaiian roasted pig.

Pres. and Sis. Orgill
They finish their mission on July 1st.
He had served for 12 years as the president of the Polynesian Cultural Center,
hence the Hawaiian touch.

Bugatti = $1,700,000
(no, that's no a typo)

A futile attempt at contacting at Balboa.

Mother's Day Skype

Love that Zachary smile :0)

With Cami & Judd

With the YSA Institute.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trump Rally...

Weird week this week that's for sure!

One crazy thing this week was they had a Donald Trump rally at the OC Fair grounds which is pretty close to us and things got a little crazy...we drove by and there were people blocking the road with signs and people messin’ with cop cars and destroying them. People wavin’ Mexican Flags around.  There were about 5 helicopters flyin’ round. I had an American Flag on our car and people were hootin and hollerin at us.  Let’s just say we got the heck outta there real quick!

We helped this guy out moving.  We moved him from Dana Point to Balboa Island.  He is doing quite well to say the least, but cool thing was that he flew helicopters in the Marines! So it was cool to chat him up and talk about the gospel with him because he wasn't a member.

Missionary work wise this week has been slow.  We don't have anybody to teach so we have just been talking to tons and tons of people.  But ya know it the usual ‘No not today’ or ‘No I don't need God.’ Interesting to say the least...but as long as I know it’s true I’m all good!

Last night we got to do temple security too.  We just basically walk around the temple for an hour and make sure no hooligans cause any problems!

That's it for me this week! Love y'all!

Elder Crump

Farewell dinner for Zachary's trainer Elder Robinson (front row, right end)
and the other missionaries in his group.
Each departing elder was able to choose two people to invite to
the dinner and testimony meeting.

Erin Baxter sent this picture.  She ran into Zachary at the
Newport Beach Temple while he was doing his
security stint.

Another group picture.
Elder Dallin Fuell, from Riverton, is to the left of Zachary.

Part of a lamp he broke while helping someone move.

What a nut!

A beautiful Sunday evening at the Newport Beach Temple.
Temple security :0)